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Andrea Roman Sanchez

University Of Cordoba, SPAIN

Postdoctoral researcher fellow, Department of Agronomy, University of Cordoba, Spain
Research Expertise:
Soil science, Ecohydrology, Geomorphology, Bioturbation, Luminescence dating

Bhagawati Kunwar

Chubu University, JAPAN

Postdoctoral research fellow
Chubu Institute for Advanced Studies, Chubu University, Japan
Research Expertise:
Evaluation of sources and formation processes and impact of primary and secondary organic and inorganic tracer compounds in atmospheric...

Chong Xu

National Institute Of Natural Hazards, CHINA

Research Professor, National Institute of Natural Hazards, Ministry of Emergency Management of China, China
Research Expertise :
Earthquake-triggered landslides, Rainfall-induced landslides, and Geological hazards
GIS, Remote sensing,  

Dominick A Dellasala

Earth Island Institute , UNITED STATES

Chief Scientist, Wild Heritage, a Project of Earth Island Institute , USA
Research Expertise:
Temperate and boreal forests, Forest carbon, Forest fires
Protected areas, Landscape ecology, Forest policy, Endangered species 


Hasanagic Redzo


Assistant Professor, Faculty of Technical Engineering, University of Bihać, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Research Expertise:
Wood Product Technology (Wood Protection Technology)

Joao A A Meira Neto

Universidad Federal De Viçosa, BRAZIL

Professor at the Universidade Federal de Viçosa-UFV. Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Botany at UFV PPGBot-UFV (Capes Concept 5).
Research Expertise:
Ecology and Ecosystem

Karen Maree Bayne

New Zealand Forest Research Institute Ltd , NEW ZEALAND

Senior Scientist, New Zealand Forest Research Institute Ltd (Scion), New Zealand
Research Expertise :
Forest policy and Forest Economy

Kiomars Sefidi

University Of Mohaghegh Ardabili , IRAN, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF

Professor, Forest Ecology and Silviculture, Department of Forest Science, University of Mohaghegh Ardabili, Iran
Research Expertise :
Silviculture of beech,  Ecosystem Dynamics, Mountain forests, Natural disturbance

Konstantinos A Spanos

ELGO – ‘Dimitra’, GREECE

Senior Research Scientist at the Forest Research Institute, ELGO – Dimitra, Thessaloniki - Greece
Research Expertise :
Forestry/Biomass Production, Disease Resistance, Evolution, Silviculture & Forest Management 
Assessment and Monitoring of Forest...

Lixin Lyu

Chinese Academy Of Sciences, CHINA

Institute of Botany,The Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Research Expertise:
Treeline, Dendroecology, Tree rings, Tibetan Plateau

Luis Filipe Santos

Polytechnic Institute Of Tomar, PORTUGAL

Luis Filipe Neves Carreira Dos Santos, Polytechnic Institute of Tomar, Portugal
Research Expertise:
Protected areas management, Conservation, Ecology
GIS, Natural Hazards

Martti Olavi Venalainen

Natural Resources Institute Finland, FINLAND

Senior Scientist, Natural Resources Institute Finland, Finland
Research Expertise:
Forest tree breeding, Testing of tree breeding materials, Variation in wood quality characteristics, Long-term durability of timber, Wood extractives and side...

Md Masroor

Jamia Millia Islamia, University, INDIA

Department of Geography, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi, India
Research Expertise:
Hydrological studies, Climate Change, Drought Vulnerability, Drought Vulnerability Spatial Analysis, Remote Sensing and GIS

Mishra Arun Pratap

Wildlife Institute Of India, INDIA

Senior Project Associate at Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun, India
Research Expertise:
Geospatial Analysis, Environmental Impact Assessment, Ecological Studies, Climate Change Impacts, Invasive Alien Species, Machine Learning Applications,...

Nana Tian

University Of Arkansas, UNITED STATES

Assistant Professor; Forest Resources Center,University of Arkansas,USA
Research Expertise:
Forest Economics, Natural Resources/Conservation, Climate Change, Ecosystem

Naveen Chandra

Soban Singh Jeena University, INDIA

Assistant Professor, Department of Botany, Soban Singh Jeena University, India
Research Expertise:
Ecological modelling, Application of Remote Sensing, Geographic Information System, Biodiversity and Forestry research

Pasichnyk Lidiia Anatoliivna

National Academy Of Sciences Of Ukraine, UKRAINE

Senior scientific worker, Department of Plant  Pathogenic Bacteria, National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine
Research Expertise:
Forest trees, Questions of pathogeneity, Physiology, Biochemistry, Serology
Bacterial diseases of woody plants and forest...

Sharaniya Vijitharan

University Of Vavuniya, SRI LANKA

Department of Bio-science, University of Vavuniya, Sri Lanka
Research Expertise:
Forest carbon accounting, Forest conservation and management, Natural resources management, Disaster management, Climate change, Environmental science


Shengnan Ouyang

Guizhou University , CHINA

Associate professor, Institute for Forest Resources and Environment of Guizhou, College of Forestry, Guizhou University, China
Research Expertise:
Tree physiology, Plant nutrients cycling, Drought, Stable isotope labeling, Forest ecosystem

Shri Kant Tripathi

Mizoram University , INDIA

Professor, Department of Forestry, Mizoram University, India
Research Expertise:
Ecosystem Ecology, Biodiversity Conservation, Carbon Sequestration, 
Soil Fertility & Crop Productivity, Ecosystem Sustainability, Soil-Microbe-Plant...

Tereza Jurczykova

Czech University Of Life Sciences, PARAGUAY

Assistant professor at Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences, Prague
Research Expertise:
cellulose chemistry, chemical processing of wood, applied chemistry in natural environment, arboriculture chemistry
chemistry for nature conservation and...

Tingqi Xiao

Jiangxi Agricultural University, CHINA

College of Forestry,  Jiangxi agricultural university,  China
Research Expertise:
Forest ecology, Soil science

Yan Zhongcheng

Sichuan Agricultural University, CHINA

College of Economics, Sichuan Agricultural University, Chengdu 611130, China
Research Expertise:
Agricultural Economic Theory and Policy, Land resource management
Forestry Resource Management, Human-Wildlife Conflict "HWC" Governance;Eco-industry...

Zhen Bai

Chinese Academy Of Sciences, CHINA

Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Research Expertise:
Soil nutrients cycling, Microbial dynamics, and Vegetation-microbe-soil interactions in forest ecosystems